• Postspectrum

    is about the secret and wonder of Nature.

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    When we walk in the right way without competing, the real creation will happen – the love will bloom and the hate will be destroyed.

Born in Thailand, I spent my childhood in Surathani. Later I went to Bangkok to study at the Artschool Thaivijitsilp and the Artcollege Chang Silp. After this I completed my studies in Print Making and Fine Arts at the Bhuraba University in Bangsan. Moving to the north of Thailand, I kept on working as an artist in my studio there for a few years. Making a living led me to Bangkok again, where I did work as an Art Director for films and commercials. To gain some freedom again I moved to the Island Kho Phangan in 2005. There in the djungle of the island I invented the `LivingArtSpace Makkarbar`. After three years I came out on the beach to run the hotel `White Wind Resort and Spa`. 2010 I moved to Ried in der Riedmark / Austria. Since then I live and make art there.

Post Spectrum is about the secret and wonder of Nature. The colours of my personal idea of Post Spectrum, work in a positive way on me and make me create new ideas. In the end the picture will stand for the life in front of the canvas.


Post Spectrum wants to reach out for you and tell you that we live in a wonderful world, where the colours shine bright and full of love and peace. I want to make art till the end of the rainbow and this I will do with all my spirit and a fast brushstroke.